Instant Taste – more flavour with pure ingredients

Many types of meat only improve by spending time in a good marinade, but for the taste to fully penetrate the meat, you need plenty of time.

This leaves little time for spontaneity, and often the result is either ineffective marinading or charred meat.

With the Instant Taste marinade injector, mediocre marinading is a thing of the past. It adds plenty of flavour to your meat in no time, because the marinade is injected into the meat, rather than just coating the outside.

The idea

A few years ago a Danish butcher and barbeque enthusiast, had an idea.
In his work as a butcher, he would often injection marinade the meat, to add flavour and juicyness.

He wanted to make this technique available to everyone, so that we would all be able to marinade our meat in the correct way, and achieve perfection in every bite. In cooperation with Karsten Saugstrup, owner of the design and branding agency NNON, Instant Taste was created.

Today, Karsten Saugstrup manages Instant Taste together with Thure Stagstrup.

With Instant Taste, adding fantastic flavor to your meat is easy – not just for those of us who happen to be butchers. You can change the marinades according to your personal taste, so that each person can have their own, individual flavor. There are five initial variants, all oil-based, and produced using 100% pure and natural ingredients. And they will keep in the refrigerator, if you don’t use it all up in one session. Instant Taste is designed with a high awareness of cooking hygiene. A fun and exiting new product for all of us, who love good food with plenty of flavor.

The Instant Taste marinades

- Black pepper: A classic taste, suited for all types of meat
- Chipotle chili: A hot marinade with a rounded, smoky flavor, suited for all types of meat
- Rosemary and garlic: A classic mix, suited for all types of meat
- Indian curry: A characteristic curry flavor, especially suited for light meat, such as chicken,    
  pork, and lamb
- Liquorice and chili: A hot flavor with a hint of liquorice, particularly suited for beef, game, and 
  other dark meat